Our thoughts and best wishes go out to those who are doing it tough at the moment. A couple of our members are facing the greatest battle of their lives and all of your mates here are hoping for a good result.

We are fortunate to have three very dedicated Welfare Officers who advise our members of anyone who is on Sick Report or in Hospital or otherwise doing it tough. Thanks to Jim Soiland, Trevor Swift, Barry Miles and Geoff Kay for your selfless efforts.

The Welfare Officers arrange home or hospital visits for those who like to maintain contact with their RPA mates and keep them up to date. As always, privacy and discretion is respected so, if you know of anyone on Sick Report  and they agree for their circumstances to be passed on to our Welfare Officers or Executive, please make contact by phone or email or use the secure form below and the information will be passed to the Welfare Team. If we don’t know about it we can’t arrange visits etc.