Retired Police Officers ID

Whilst many retired police have already applied for (and many have already received) the Retired Police Officers ID Card, there are many who have not yet applied and are a bit lost in the application procedure. At the next meeting on 13th September we will allocate time after the meeting to assist our Members in completing the necessary forms and facilitate the submission of your application. However PLEASE BE AWARE OF WHAT DOCUMENTS ETC THAT YOU NEED TO BRING ALONG.

If you wish to apply for the retired Police Officers ID Card, you should familiarize yourself the eligibility and process by visiting the NSW Police Department website  (click the link—>)

Please take note of the Identification Documents you will require and the cost. Bring them along and we will assist you to apply. We will have a JP on hand to certify the Identification Documents and we will be able to take the required photo id.